Gaining cryptocurrencies through a website requires more time and commitment (especially in the beginning). Even if you get cryptocurrencies for free, you have to put your time into it. Using a website is not so advantageous and it is slow at first and you have to spend more time doing it. Think twice if you want to dedicate your time to it!! The principle of profit is based on watching ads, investing, playing mini-games, but mainly on Offerwalls. Offerawalls is a system of various tasks, applications and surveys. You get the biggest rewards for these surveys. It is necessary to have an antivirus installed (just in case) for a larger number of ads. Ad watching sites are classic clickers. Faucets represent the cryptocurrency gain over a period of time (every hour, 30min, 15min) and then there are various combinations and games. Use FOXRATING or TRUSTPILOT to check for various new faucets.


Fire Faucet

The basis is to earn points for activity using the faucet, shortlinks (ads), daily bonus, PTC (user ads), offewalls and raising your level. For the points earned, you then obtain a cryptocurrency using an autofaucet or a converter (Autofaucet is more advantageous). According to the set speed (1-4x), every 60 seconds, you get a certain amount of cryptocurrency. Usually on the weekend there is a so-called Happy hour, which adds a bonus to the base value. (tips – the higher the price of the currency, the less satoshi you get, the slower the speed of the autofaucet, the greater the profit). The site has been operating for more than 3 years and pays directly to your own wallet.

Auto faucet

The site is based on a similar principle as FireFaucet. You gain points and turn them into cryptocurrencies. The supply of cryptocurrencies is very wide in this case. In the past, a daily bonus and games were prepared, but to this day it does not work. You can also earn points in various ways, but this will slow down your browser or computer, depending on the method you choose.

When withdrawing to your own wallet, a fee is charged, when using FAUCETPAY, the withdrawal is immediate and free of charge (however, the fee is when transferring from FAUCETPAY).

In the case of Cointiply, you have several options for profit Coins, which you can then convert to bitcoin, Doge, Ltc, Dash. Here you will find Faucet, games, offewalls, various daily tasks, bonuses and a multiplier. Multiplier is something like a game of chance, where you can multiply your savings highly but at the same time lose everything.

This project or site is also one of the older and has been operating for a long time.


Free bitcoin

The oldest project that has been on the scene for more than 6 years. He even became the target of hackers, but they were always able to get out of it and also improve security. The basis is Lucky number (every 60min), in which you can get satoshi of different values. You can then use BTC multiples (carefully, see google. How to do it). You also get lottery tickets to the lottery, and reedem points, which you can use to gain various bonuses (usually lasting 24 hours). There is also betting on various matches and sports. This project also has its own token. They send you various notifications to the registered e-mail, where you will also find the option of lucky wheel with different rewards.



A site that has high ratings and offers a really wide range of options for obtaining and evaluating cryptocurrencies. Offering Zec, Flr, Matic there is also a wide range of games for which you get rewards, daily bonuses, weekly, etc. You can also invest and participate in various bonus programs.

If you enjoy writing or reading blogs, this site is for you. You get individual cryptocurrencies by reading articles and giving a “tips”, some of which is also for you. It has been running for two years and is highly rated.



Another project with a high rating. In the beginning, you collect BTX, which you later exchange for cryptocurrencies. There is an hourly faucet, a daily bonus and a sign-up bonus. By getting BTX, you also get XP and increase your level. Higher level = higher rewards. Of course, you get the most BTX through Offerwalls and by completing long-term tasks.

This site started as a classic “clicker”. The profit was generated by simply clicking on the ads or with the help of offerwalls. Over time, Faucet has also been added, which you can use every hour. However, the profit is slow, especially from the beginning. One option is to upgrade your profil with the satoshi.


Horizen Faucet

You can apply for Zen every day and you also need to create a wallet. By connecting your account and social platform you get a multiplication of the base value.

One of the newer sites, so there aren’t many references yet. The site offers PTC and shortlinks (ads), lottery, games (gambling), Faucet (5min) and of course Offerwalls.

One of the most famous clicker. The rewards are greater in this case and increase with the acquired satoshi. In addition to satoshi, you can also get a Russian ruble.


Cryptotab browser

The first browser through which you can directly mine sathosi (bitcoin). It should be noted that mining is very slow on the basic package. However, you can buy a boost and get more speed. If you decide to invest, download the browser to your mobile phone so that you can combine your PC and smarphone.

It is important to first register via the web and then link your mobile and PC accounts via the specified email. It is necessary to activate the extraction on the smartphone every 3 hours and the mining takes place on the PC if you have a browser open or use it (for weaker PCs it can cause a slowdown in performance). Alternatively, you can download extensions on mozilla or chrome



If you decide to buy cryptocurrencies or sell acquired cryptocurrencies, then the Binance Exchange will be the best choice. They have teaching videos to better understand the world of cryptocurrencies and the functioning of the stock market. They offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies with low fees for their purchase or transfer. The stock exchange offers a large number of opportunities to capitalize on investments such as Binance safe, savings account, stacking, gradual investing ….. And of course you can enter the stock exchange and directly participate in the current sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies. You have options ranging from simple sales to complex exchanges of different currencies or binance futures. The stock exchange also fights unhealthy gambling and offers various restrictions or warnings on large losses, etc. In addition, you have all forms of shops, purchases and investments explained in detail (blogs, videos, recommendations, etc ..)

Think carefully before you first invest and twice when entering trading. !! First, study it properly, either directly on the Binance website or just go through google, because there are already a lot of blogs and sites for instructions on how to do it or even how not to do it!

When registering via the website, you will receive a 10% return on investment in futures or traditional trading (on the stock exchange).