How to protect yourself in the world of cryptocurrencies + applications

Main points of security

One of the main points is the use of open source applications. These applications are often free and most importantly do not collect information about you. Although this site offers you websites or applications verified by an antivirus program, it is better to own one of the antivirus programs (especially on a PC).

It is also important to have a Password Manager that will store and generate your passwords. To increase security, it is important to have a different password for each page or application.

The next point is to create a new e-mail box that you will use for this activity (mainly due to various spam, etc.). Another piece of advice is to buy a notepad(physically), where you will write verification phrases / words when setting up cryptowallets.

Crypto-wallets are a separate category. Both sites and applications usually recommend which wallet is the best option, in better case they have their own. It is important to write down and store the 12-24 digit code that you need to recover your wallet if you lose your password, reinstall the application, etc. In general, the less cryptocurrents or tokens the wallet offers, the better security it has!

1.Antivirus program

2.Password manager

3.New e-mail box


Mobile applications will usually require permission from you to connect third parties (or watching). This mainly concerns the tracking of ads, which create part of the money for the development of individual projects. However, always check what you confirm and allow and do not give applications permision to read private contacts, etc.

A special requirement is KYC (know your customer), which is gaining in importance and is part of many projects and exchanges. It is about providing data (ID card, driving license, photo, etc.) about a real person who uses the application and works with cryptocurrencies. This feature was created to prevent money laundering through cryptocurrencies or the use of cryptocurrencies for terrorism, etc.

Open source apps

A new open source browser that includes an ads and spam blocker that can slow down your browser. By using it, you also get BAT tokens.

Well-known open source browser

An important program for creating and storing passwords. In the free version you can connect 2 devices e.g. mobile + pc. It is important to remember the password to the program !!! You will have other passwords stored in the vault (program).

Quality open source security email box that also works in the free version.

Special Social network (open source), through which most projects provide information, announcements and news. Just use the phone number to register

One of better free antivirus program. However, support for the free version ends on June 30, 2022. 


Free antivirus app on smartphone


You don’t need a wallet to get started, and most apps will directly recommend (or have your own) which wallet to use. Applications that work as wallets are called software wallets (program). If you are planning a large purchase of cryptocurrencies the best will be a hardware (LEDGER) wallet

Tron link

A wallet through which most beginning tokens work and probably you won’t do without it on some projects

The downside is that you need the cryptocurrency Tron to activate, which you get through the exchange 1Trx= 0.057 USD. Use the code (referral) ujgf when downloading.