Suspicious applications

Most apps are based on 24-hour “cloudmining”, which does not burden your phone and does not require data (only when opening / activating the application). This is also an advantage for you, because this will save you a lot of time and you will need 15-30 minutes to activate all the apps. By using a referral code, you usually get a starting bonus (coins to start) or other benefits (miner, increase the basic value of mining …) and you will also help the one who invited you (Thank you). Without this code, you can’t even register for some applications.

The applications in this section are not very trustworthy, they either contain little information and the description of the goal is too simple or the individual projects are strikingly similar to each other. On the other side, it only takes a few seconds to activate them.


Musk Coin

MuskCoin is an application that contains almost no info or website. The application works for about half a year but without any information … simply activate it every day

Code or username: Roman



The project has been running for almost a year. Just log in every day and get 50 Croncoin. At the same time, you can watch the advertisement 3 times a day (reward 3×100) or try the lottery (reward 10000). The aim of the project is to create a currency with a starting price of 1 USD in 2022. A lot of information doesn’t exist. So the whole project is shrouded in mystery, on the other hand you don’t have to invest anything.

When registering, use the code 6EXA9BB3ES8 and you will initially receive 500 Croncoin


One network

The application has been running since May 9, 2021, but  it has recently remained inactive without updates and information. The project seems to be dying (definitely don’t invest). Mining every 24h. You can increase the increase in the base value, which is obtained per hour, by inviting or joining other miners.

Use the Romiss invitation code (referral code) when registering. Or click on the image and register. You get a bonus and you get a miner on your side, which increases your mining speed.



This project could be described as one of the older. On the other hand, it has slowly stop working. The website does not work, the application has not been updated for a long time and today you will not get any information about the project. You could call it a scam … If you want to try the app over it all, you can use the code: 7eAv9psPzBcXmoQwngzSW7OJmeJ3


Skyland coin

A project that exactly copies the COKU COIN project and they probably have the same people behind them. Thoses creates a number of doubts (definitely don’t invest-the option is there). Projects may only work to raise money from ads (scam apps), anyway the decision is up to you …

code: Vqxe3AFQKbUr98l4kQWcXSc8Ld23

Ok network

Ok network

OK HEX and GEMINA NETWORK are very similar applications with a rather suspicious background. Therefore, they are likely to be marked as SCAM (after payout verification).

The project has a simple concept and is focused only on creating a new cryptocurrency. The project has 4 phases and has been operating since August 24, 2021. Activation of cloud mining is every 24 hours plus you can spin 4 times around luck.

Using  Romiss  code will get you 100OK at the beginning

HExa coin mining

Hexa network

A project with a similar name is also in the main applications, but these projects are not the same. Many questions arise in this project and the structure of the application and the website is suspiciously similar to that of OK network (some sentences are almost the same). Therefore, the project appears to be suspicious. The date of issue is 11.10.21 and the selection option starts from 5.5.22.

Creating a channel on the telegram is identical for both applications (OK + HEXA) (3-4dec.), Which does not add to the credibility

Referral Code: Fenix

you get 300Hexa.

This project closes three suspicious projects with OK and HEXA network. Again, a similar text and website, and moreover directly in the GEMINA application, it is written about OK coins. It looks like the work of one developer

Code: Romis

The application works a little over half a year, but again no further information or updates.

Code: ue2i6M9mzZnw7rw66