Scam apps

This section contains scam applications that use your time, force you to watch a large number of ads, and ultimately pay you nothing, label you as a fraud, or simply disappear. There are a large number of them, so here are only some.

Be careful not to run on scam applications when watching ads on your smartphone. Applications that offer you a lot of money or cryptocurrencies in a very short time are 99.9% scam (SCAM) !!!!

There are a lot of scam applications and new ones are still emerging mostly working on the same principle. Lots of ads and promises to get rich quick …


BTC Miner

Unambiguous SCAM. It will never pay you anything and it’s just a waste of time. The whole system is based on tracking a large number of ads that generate money. The application is called cloud mining and satoshi are gradually gaining you. Well, when you approach the withdraw limit, zero suddenly appears in your account or you are marked as a fraud.

This type of application is very widespread and there are others for other cryptocurrencies. Usually in one application you will find a link to another.

For example:

Doge Coin Mining
ETH Server Miner
Cardano Faucet
Doge Miner
DogeCoin Faucet              

 and others with similar name or principle !!! 


Bitcoin miner: BTC Mining App

This application is new (not tested), but from experience it looks like SCAM. In addition, it is written directly in the application description that it basically works directly or indirectly like other applications:

– Bitcoin Miner
– Coin Network
– Coin Mining
– Crypto Cloud
– Crypto coin mining
– Cloud Mining
– Earn Bitcoin Daily
– Free Mining App
– Bitcoin Cloud Mining
– BTC Miner Pro App
– Btc miner for android
– BTC Cloud
– BTC Cloud mining
– Bitcoin Cloud Mining Master

So these are probably scam as well

BTC cloud

BTC cloud network

Application focused directly on cloud mining (bitcoin). There is not much information. Withdraw should be enabled from 5.5.22 (similar to HEXA). The name of the application and the interface sounds a lot like other SCAM applications ….

The whole app seems too suspicious and doubtful ….. If you decide app to try the code is  Romiss  (100satoshi)


BTC crypto network

The application is essentially the same as the BTC cloud network (BTC miner-bitcoin mining app) and often changes its name. So again it looks like a scam. After verifying the payout system, these apps are likely to be marked as 100% scam (we’ll see).

Referral code:  Romiss  (100satoshi)


Pusher mania

Games like Pusher mania promise you huge winnings in a short time. There are more and more such games, and new ones are constantly being created that earn money through ads. It’s all SCAM! Even if it sounds beautiful, don’t believe it.

similar SCAMs ganes:

– Bitcoin 2 Moon             
– MoonBigPopStar-Pongs puzzle
– Solitare kings (beta)
– Coin Pop- win gift cards
– Merge cards
– Tap chin win- To be bilionare

– a others!!


Wolf network


similar SCAMs :

– Fox network             
– HarmonyO network 
– Grove network
– Oro network
– Blitz networ
 Snap coin

– a ďalšie pracujúce na rovnakom princípe!!