New apps

Most apps are based on 24-hour “cloudmining”, which does not burden your phone and does not require data (only when opening / activating the application). This is also an advantage for you, because this will save you a lot of time and you will need 15-30 minutes to activate all the apps. By using a referral code, you usually get a starting bonus (coins to start) or other benefits (miner, increase the basic value of mining …) and you will also help the one who invited you (Thank you). Without this code, you can’t even register for some applications.

Each app is actually a project of some company and you can find the launch of individual cryptocurrencies in the company’s plan (usually in the White Paper, Road map, our goal…). Some projects enter the market after 2-3 years !! Think carefully about investing in start-up projects (no one can guarantee you that the project will fail or be canceled) !!

Open these pages via your smartphone and you will get a direct installation option by clicking on the website or the store symbol. If there are problems with the application, it is good to report them and usually a new update will solve them.

For new projects and applications, it is more difficult to assess whether it is a scam. Due to the duration of the project, it is impossible (it is new), you can only rely on the information from developers. The advantage is that the basic value of obtaining coins is the highest at the beginning of the project and then gradually decreases with the growing number of users. Over time, individual applications will be moved between master, suspect or scam.



Cheatmoon is a new DeFi network based on the belief that it is your fundamental right to control and protect your money, digital footprint and identity. Cheatmoon is a decentralized cryptocurrency with the open source which is more ecofriendly than classical cryptocurrencies system and tries to distinguish from them. The Cheatmoon project is able to process approximately 1 million transactions per second almost instantly and with almost zero transaction fees and energy consumption. You can even join a start-up eco-project and help with development if you understand these technologies. The whole project looks innovative, ecological and legitimate. Supports multiple languages (translator). It’s again 24h mining + bonus from ads (20 min) + various tasks.

When registering, use the referral code:  Fenixx   You will get a bonus and a miner on your side, which will also increase your basic mining speed.

A new large-scale project working on a different system than classical cryptomens. The project has the prospect of becoming global, as they plan to create additional apps to exchange and pay using the Phenom coin, as well as enter the smarfon market and create their own operating system, browser and messenger (social platform). Of course the price of a token increases with the number of users. Therefore, their attention is also focused on the creation of games and the emergence of interaction between users for the gain of tokens. The application uses hardware of smartphone for nodes(transaction) identification , but tries not to limit its operation. You can set the percentage of hardware usage (ram, graphics, processor) but the maximum is 20%. Mining is slow, but if you decide to invest or buy a token the basic profit will increase.

You must register through the website, where you will also receive a personal code to enter the application. Therefore, use the link below (Registration), which also includes the invitation code for entry:  fx8225515

Good dolar

Good dollar

This project is not new only released a new application (yet beta) and therefore located in this section. The goal of the project is really interesting. The aim is to create a fairer balance between rich and poor people through UBI – universal basic income. You can find the principle of operation directly on the website. You can also invest “in equality” and support this project. As they say, the success of the GoodDollar-run basic income economy depends on people and their belief that an open financial infrastructure offers a viable path to a fairer future. The project works with the support of etoro company

To earn GoodDollar, you only need to apply for coins every day. Their value is not high, but the goal of the project is not to enrich the individual, but to help others with a bad economic situation.

Using the google play symbol, create a wallet (account) via a number or gmail and at the same time you will see a link to google play

This token is created mainly for the gaming community.

Gami alpha is an exclusive invitation-only application that will run for a limited time only.

The gami token will be used mainly in the mobile RPG and BRG game to purchase equipment for individual heroes. It will take place on a blockchain and all equipment will be under the NFT .

To enter the application use the code: apHEnOTU1YNbGrHB1H356eFgwEA2 


Shibx - Shiba Cloud Mining

This project is probably a subsidiary of the Reflex – cloud mining project. It has the same interface and visualization. Mining must be activated every 4 hours. Mining speed is not high, but you can get to upgrade or perform surveys (offerwall / surveys) or use staking. It’s the same as Reflex.

Invitation code (referral) is:   jv2zg   (+ 100shiba)


Rich Continents

Rich Continent is a metaversion cryptocurrency game, mainly for the gaming community, through which you can get an NFT and RCNT token. The project is just starting and so far only token mining is working. Later there will be events and airdrop to get a token and of course the game itself, through which they will buy, sell chips, etc. The token is already issued and you can buy it now.

You can get the bonus by using the entry (Referral) code:   Jd8KwkneGK

Gold meta

Gold- Meta Universe Gold Token

New project for a Gold Token mining. However, the information is only general without a deeper vision or goal. The goal is to create and redistribute Gold tokens and enter the stock exchange. Mining takes place every 8 hours.

The invitation code to the application is Fenixx