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The rewards or gains of cryptocurrencies by playing games are not great and at the same time it will take you a lot of time.
So consider for yourself how much time you intend “to kill” like this. Here is only a few legitimate games but there are many others. In every case, always read reviews or recommendations.

FONE- Games

These games or applications are directly linked to the FONE project. The principle of the games is simple. Each of the games contains a series of minigames and main games built on a 24-hour cycle. So basically you only need to open and activate individual cycles every 24 hours. If you have more time, you can also play a series of minigames.
For the points earned, you then buy chests from which various cryptocurrencies pop up, but mainly FONE. It should be noted that currency gains are not fast and in some applications there are too many ads.

Crypto cards


Use the code when registering: q2mykh2t you will get 200 FONE + XP

Crypto Treasures


Use the code when registering: 4gf42kkc  you will get 200 Gold +XP

Crypto Planet

Crypto planet

Use the code when registering: 48v312ap you will get 200 Crystal +XP

Green Karma

Green Karma

This “Game” is directly focused on reducing the carbon footprint and CO2. For the sale of O2, you get cards to support individual projects and at the same time cryptocurrencies. After reducing CO2 by 100KG, you will receive a certificate.

Use the code when registering: 2sg2bec2  you will get 200 Oxygen +XP

An application in which you can get litecoin every hour. Plus, you can take advantage of the bonus when viewing ads or offerwalls for which you get coins. The application is legitimate and pays litecoin

An application from the same publisher based on the same principle. In this case, you get BitcoinCash.


Crypto Idle Miner

The game is based on the principle of simulated crypto mining. By purchasing new mining machines and playing games, you get XP. You also fight in the league with other players (every 5-6 days). Depending on your league position and league type, you will receive a HORA tokens reward. The higher the league, the higher the reward. However, the selection is set at 10000 HORA, so it will take you time.

Mobile games to earn LIS cryptocurrency. The principle of the games is to connect animals of the same level and perform daily and long-term tasks. During the game you get various bonuses and “upgrades” for easier progress to higher levels. To get started, it’s important to create an account and register your email.

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