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The problem with individual applications is their trustworthiness and verifiability. It happened several times that some applications stopped working and all the money (or money invested) disappeared.The best solution is to follow reviews where for example many positive messages written in one day point to a problem and ie. scam app. (fake). On the other hand, some reviews are unnecessarily critical, because mainly from the beginning, each application (project) has some problems or gets stuck. Check out GOOGLE PLAY reviews or the TRUSTPILOT website. Another option is to read the statement directly in the application (Road map, White paper). The third option is to find the option to withdraw coins. In this case, there is usually a given date or amount of coins from which you can withdraw. However, sometimes even that is not enough and the application simply disappears after a month or two …


Most of the presented applications are basically emerging projects whose coins have not yet been placed on the market or in circulation. It is difficult to predict how it will turn out with them and whether they will reach a usable state. You can only be surprised. On the other hand, it won’t cost you much (15-30 minutes a day), because the rewards for short activity are free. The success of projects depends on the number of users, which is why applications work on a reward system (cloud mining, obtaining coins). Individual projects are usually supported by watching of ads, investing (carefully), the better ones have their own equity. The individual applications are presented only briefly. More info can be found in the applications themselves (white paper, about us, our vision, our plan, etc.). If you have weaker English, download the TRANSLATOR directly in the google store, which could help you with this :).

The division of individual applications is according to trustworthiness (nothing can be guaranteed 100%) into main (relatively trustworthy), suspicious (risky), new and scam (list of suspicious applications and their portfolios).


These applications do not offer any quick profit. It is mainly an investment in the future. Starting projects and reaching the final stage or launching coins can take 1-3 years, depending on the number of users. The initial price of coins may not be high at all in the beginning and may not rise again over time (like bitcoin). Some projects focus on social networks, games and the purchase of games, clothing stores, etc. They will want to be included in their portfolio, but for each currency there is a possibility to transaction for a different currency and eventually get to the real money.

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