How to get the first cryptocurrencies or how to get free cryptocurrencies? With these applications and websites, you have cryptocurrencies at your fingertips

Application to gain cryptocurrencies via smartphone without using hardware and phone deceleration

Websites or Faucets that can help you get cryptocurrencies

Hints and tips and recommended applications.


The goal of this domain is instructions how to get free cryptoto without an investment or without major investments (ie free) that will only take your time. You don’t even need any great knowledge of the cryptocurrencies world to make a profit. In particular, mobile applications work so that you do not kill valuable time with them (15-30 minutes a day) and do not burden the phone’s hardware (cloud mining-ecosystem). But how much time you spend on each application is up to you. So gaining cryptocurrencies is mainly at the expense of your time. Most projects are supported by ads watching or various surveys, etc. so it will only cost you your time.

This site does not guarantee any profit of big money in connection with cryptocurrencies !!. Nor does it serve as a major source of income! It serves mainly for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the slow gathering of various altcoins and tokens. So in the end, of course, you can get some money. It mainly requires patience and determination, because this market is variable and the price of individual “currencies” can rise or fall over the years after it is launched.

Many projects, sites, or applications are scams, and even if they don’t contain a harmful virus, you won’t end up getting any crypto. These sites are focused on more trusted websites or applications. Less trusted sources are always listed separately and it is up to you whether you join on these projects. Therefore, SECURITY is also important in this case, because of course nothing can be guaranteed.

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